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Who Am I?

Updated: May 20, 2019

I chatted to a friend this morning who said - "What Hashtag day is it today?" - to which I gleefully responded...




What I didn't expect was the next question.....


Are you ACTUALLY going to give us some facts about you?


I felt a little embarrassed and mortified - some people say I tend to talk little about my TRUE self and more about them (cough cough.... that's because it's my job to be intrigued by people and I LOVE IT - the fact I get to call it a job is a bonus! hehe!)


So - as requested.....#FACTFRIDAY is about me and why some brilliant (often magically crazy) people ask me to work with them as a Life Coach and Business Consultant


Here are some bits to get you started -

My Priority in Life = Family, Love and Happiness

My Values = to help others, to bring kindness and wholeheartedness.

My Joys = Family, Art, Music, Liverpool Football Club (haha)


But if you want the nitty-gritty story - you will have to watch the video!

** Want to join in the fun? Tell me ONE FACT about you in the comments below! **