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Transformation Challenges

The next 30-day Challenge begins
Sunday 1st September

The Life Architect Coaching 30-day Transformation Challenge is quite simply that... TRANSFORMATIONAL!


  • Still wondering if you should join the next 30-day challenge?

  • Still wondering if you REALLY can change in 30 days?

Well, I know you can - but you don't have to believe me - just keep reading and you will read the words of a current challenger who HAS changed! Yup and we are not even on day 30!

So - Are you ready to CHANGE? To TRANSFORM?

Here are just SOME of the areas CHANGED in 30-days:

  • Confidence

  • Self-Belief

  • Reduced Stress Levels

  • Losing Weight

  • Increasing Activity

  • Starting a blog

  • Stopping cigarettes


Life Architect Coaching has helped literally 1000s of individuals to change in 20-years of EXPERT coaching - and you can and will be the next!


  • A Closed Facebook group full of likeminded people

  • Accountability from Founder of Life Architect Coaching, Kerry Hearsey

  • 30-days of Coaching & Support to Change

  • Guided daily tasks to aid in your transformation

  • LIVE video tutorials weekly to improve your mindset, challenge thinking, and INCREASE de motivation.

  • An option to continue to the INTERMEDIATE 6-week challenge post-30-days to continue your transformation.

I could tell you a million times over that you will learn so much in 30-days, but I did promise some words from a challenger - and trust me I did not pay her to say it!!

Still not convinced? Well, maybe you need a TESTIMONIAL TO SHOW THAT IT WORKS!


Here is just one of the AMAZING testimonials from the July 2019 Challenge:

"I joined the challenge for a couple of reasons; from previous experience, I knew Kerry would be the woman to help! But also, I felt that I allowed myself to worry too much about what others thought and massively felt lacking in self-confidence and assertiveness. Having a group to check in with twice a day meant I was accountable for what was happening.

I have gained another community and learnt that my feelings are real and also, that they're holding me back. I've loved the fact that I've had to think about my own actions and focus on the positive or areas I can grow within, rather than focusing on the negative straightaway. I'm slowly learning to change my fixed mindset.

If someone was deliberating over whether to join, I would say, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. It's a safe environment to explore your own feelings and say what's on your mind without being judged. If I'm having a wobble, Kerry's spider senses kick in and she is there, giving you a gentle nudge in the way you want to go.

I've also learnt tools that I can work on when I have a little free time to myself and these have been so very productive for me. Finally, I've realised my strengths and that I should wear them a little more proudly. I can't wait for the next group!"


Now, are you ready to join??? 

If you want to change an aspect of your life in just 30 days, if you are willing to complete some easy, daily tasks, and are ready to be around like-minded people....

But I get it, you are waiting for the catch....

This 30-day Challenge should actually cost £149.00

BUT...I am not about making money - I AM ABOUT CHANGING and helping people.

The EARLY-BIRD price of the 30-day Challenge is £14.99 and is available to buy for the next 10 days (ends 20th August). After this, the price will increase to £19.99.

Why so cheap?

Because I WANT TO CHANGE AND HELP PEOPLE and the cheaper that I can keep it, the more people I can help!

So - if you are FINALLY ready to CHANGE YOU LIFE - to kickstart your NEW way of being - register your interest below!

The price of the 30-day Challenge is just £14.99 and you can JOIN THIS EARLY-BIRD PRICE NOW ready to receive a SPECIAL OFFER!

REGISTER & JOIN BELOW NOW - I cannot WAIT to see your transformation!